Title - dare to Be Perm Free

What is the best way to transition to wearing natural hair? Starting with extensions is the recommended way

What kind of hair oil do you recommend? We love Wild Growth, it is an all natural non- greasy oil that leaves the hair supple

Which is better, Human or synthetic hair extensions? Either one can be better, mostly depends on your preference and the application

What is the best way to start locks? This depends on a number of factors such as length, texture and available time. A consultation with a stylist will reveal the best method for your hair

If I don't want to cut my perm, can I still start locks? Yes you can, you can go the route of loc extensions or starting with sisterlocks is another popular method

How do I keep my hair moisturized? A combination of protein treatments, great conditioners, moisturizers with a good oil is your best defense

I work out a lot and therefore sweat in my hair, how can I keep my locks neat when I have to shampoo my hair all the time? lockstitching also referred to as interlocking is reccomended

I am getting frustrated with my natural hair because when i try to do the cute twist out styles, my hair doen't stay stretched out, insted it balls up and shrinks excessively, what can u reccommend? Sounds like a possible protein, and or moisture imbalance. This can usually can be repaired over the course of time

Help! I can't find any natural stylists in my area, what do I do? Referrals are often the best way but if that is not availaible to you , the internet is a great resourse

What is a consultation? It's kind of like a first date. it's a meeting where you and your potential stylist discuss your hair needs , wants as well as come to an agreement about budjet and future hair goals. This is a great way for both parties to get an impression and  determine if it's a workable relationship.

How do I prepare for a consult? You should come to a consultaion with your hair in its natural state, prefreably clean and detangled as well as free from excessive styling product so that your stylist can get an accurate picture of ll the factors involved

Is natural hair expensive? This depends on your frame of reference. Nothing is a cheap as doing your hair at home and maintaining it yourself.To most cleints who have had a history of actively going to a salon with regular maintenance appointments ( weelkly of biweekly with tier perm), the cost is comparable .

What is lock stitching/ interlocking? This is a process that interweave the hair on itself, similar to crocheting.

Is a texturizer natural? No

Does oil moisturise the hair? No, it seals in moisture, so it is best used after hair has been shampooed and conditioned to seal it and keep hair soft