Title - dare to Be Perm Free
So The first time I went natural I was in the 7th grade , it was totally impromptu and a spur of the moment desicion. I was tired of my perm and just ready to be done with it, so one day i went into the bathroom with hair and a few minutes later I had no hair. Well to make a long story short, the end result didn't turn out so well not only was my hair short and natural, it was unruly and I had no clue where to go from there, I just knew I was tired and wanted out... so needless to say, not knowing what to do , and with limited informational resources and a lot of teasing from my cousins . I quickly re-permed my hair.

The last time I went natural, I was in the 11th grade, this time i was determined to stick with it. After my previous experience I became a little wiser-- if even though I was still a bit clueles and went the alternative route of slwly growing out my perm---which was fine untill about the third month where I was fighting the battle of the new growth. All I knew to do was a ponytail and two french braids and even that was getting harder by the day. At month number 6 I was really spurred into action  when my mom threatened to perm my hair in my sleep(I guess it was too much for her to bear) imagine that! I figured I came too far to let that happen, so since luckily, the next day was saturday,I spent the day figuring out hw to bootlegg some braids on my hair.... they were not  the most beautiful but they did the job and saved my hair from imminent danger.

And with my initial braiding success, I became obsessed with finding out more about natural hair, in those days there was no You Tube and very limited info in the internet and in the libraries but whatever I could find I drank up the knowlege like a thirsty person in a desert. That obsession started to grow into a passion when I was able to do an internship at an African braid shop that summer and by the time I was a junior in college, that passion had come full circle.

I knew I was a the point of no return when one day in my accounting class, instead of taking notes, I found myself instead, visually dissecting the styles the hair of people in class and imaginaning how I would reconstruct the style. Not too long thereafter, I was laying in bed and as I was about to wake up, I heard a voice, loud and clear say 'QUIT SCHOOL AND DO HAIR' soon after I went to the registriar's office,dropped all my classes and about a year after that Back To Naturel was born.

I feel blessed every day to be able to share my passion with you and so glad for the opportunity to be your trusted guide. Hopefully with the help of Back To Naturel you wont have to face the frustration and aggravation I did when I started, you can learn from my mistakes and have a much shorter learning curve. So check out the frequently asked questions, watch the videos, and keep learning and growing in confidence.... because knowlege is power. And being confident and knowlegable will help you meet or exceed any goal you set for yourself.

So until next time, keep learning and growing and remember .... Dare to be Perm Free
'Qhiijah' Sheryl R James